How Do You Add Words to Your iPhone Dictionary

Possibly it's those four-letter words that your iPhone is regularly censoring to maintain your messages PG-13, or possibly it's the one-of-a-kind name of your dog or firm.

Regardless, most of us know the frustration when your apple iphone refuses to recognize that words you're attempting to define is in fact how you want the word to show up.

how do you add words to your iphone dictionary

Luckily, Apple offers a remedy for its iPhone users: Text Substitute.

If you're regularly baffled by your apple iphone mistakenly "correcting" you when keying, the Text Replacement function is a means to manually include any type of commonly-used words to your apple iphone's collection.

Below are the 5 simple actions to make use of Text Substitute to expand your iPhone's texting lingo:

How Do You Add Words to Your iPhone Dictionary using Text Replacement

1. Open your iPhone's Settings application.

2. Scroll to and also tap "General.".

3. Open up "Keyboards.".

4. Tap "Text Replacement," after that the "+" check in the top right corner.

5. You can currently include any kind of words that you desire your apple iphone to recognize. You can additionally add shortcuts that will autofill the desired phrase as you kind.
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Once you've included your typically made use of words and also their shortcuts, you'll lastly have Apple's autocorrect feature helping you-- as opposed to against you.